Cooperative Advantages

Better for you, for employers, and for our communities.

Advancing allied
healthcare careers

Building personal & community
wealth for Members

Continuing education
and leadership opportunities

As a member, you are our owner.

We believe you should have a fair stake in your career trajectory and fair compensation for your work, and with AlliedUP’s cooperative model you do. As a worker-member we prioritize your needs first, providing you with equal voting influence in major company decisions and a share in AlliedUP’s profits in the form of annual dividends, meaning that our success — your success — is collectively shared, building economic security beyond an hourly wage and driving a domino effect of protection and care for our families and the communities where we live, work, play, and learn.

Employers benefit too.

The cooperative model is also amazing for employers. With AlliedUP, you get the same job stability and benefits you’d receive as a full-time employee — health, dental, vision, PTO, and more are available as a worker-member. Employers can trust they will be onboarding talented professionals who will be less stressed about outside distractions, more focused on the tasks at hand, embed quicker with their internal teams, and provide higher levels of exceptional patient care.

Worker. Member. Leader.

We are a diverse and inclusive community and that’s why every worker-member has an equal say — it’s democratic and fair. It also means that you have the opportunity to not just upskill and climb your career ladder with AlliedUP, but also make decisions not only as a member of our cooperative but as a leader. That’s right — our leadership board is voted on and led by worker-members just like you at our Annual General Meeting, for those ready to meet the challenge and take the next step in their career journey growth. 

AlliedUP Cooperative’s advantages, at a glance.

  • We are redefining the healthcare worker experience as a company owned by its members
  • We are healthcare-focused and worker-empowered
  • We provide above-market, union-scale wages and benefits through our SEIU-UHW partner
  • We share dividends from annual profits — building strong, sustainable personal and community wealth
  • We have voting rights in key shareholder decisions — your ideas and wisdom matter here
  • We provide education, training, mentorship, and coaching for career laddering advancement
  • We ensure scheduling flexibility that works for you and your family’s lives
  • We embrace you into our cooperative community of healthcare professionals
  • We leverage the knowledge and experience of our members to mentor and lead others in the company
  • We provide job-ready orientation to all healthcare workers
  • We are champions of diversity and inclusiveness — 70% of allied health jobs are filled by People of Color


What it’s Like to Work With Us

Advance your allied health career with AlliedUP Co-op.