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What It’s Like to Work With AlliedUP Co-op

One of the main reasons I truly believe AlliedUP Co-op is a great opportunity as an RN is because of its foundation as a worker-owned cooperative. It is always looking out for my benefit and values my work as a healthcare professional. I’ve had the privilege to experience myself the great salary, benefits, and professional support they provide at every moment. 

Diana G.

I chose to work with AlliedUP Co-op because they know how to work with their employees. They are flexible, and they provide great benefits based on your preference, and work alongside you as a team rather than just an employer. Communication is one of strongest qualities this company has to offer. Questions and concerns sent via text, email, or phone can expect to hear back within one business day. The recruitment process was also very easy, and they support you every step of the way. I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to work with AlliedUP Co-op’s team. 

Harpreet D.

Many of my nursing colleagues complain about the lengthy onboarding process — AlliedUP made it so simple and easy that I wish I would have started much sooner. I received a call for a phone interview within one day of applying, and my clinicals were sent to the hospital within two days of submitting my documentation. Not kidding, the next day I received a job offer.

After starting I received a follow-up call from AlliedUP checking to see if everything was going well. It has been such a great experience and the service is hands-down incredible — so amazing that I have even referred fellow nurses who have all started within a week of me, proving AlliedUP’s capabilities to onboard and start in such a short time.

David N.

I feel very blessed to be able to work with AlliedUP Co-op, grow in the field, and use what I’ve learned as a MA. I strive to be the best, and AlliedUP Co-op has given me the ability to continue my schooling while working, and I’ve been very thankful to have that great opportunity. 

Rocio S.