Career Coaching

Supporting recent healthcare graduates as they transition from their education pursuits into the professional world.

Helping solve the healthcare workforce shortage.

AlliedUP Co-op’s Career Coaching Group program and team are recent recipients of the California Workforce Development Board’s High Roads Training Partnership grant. The work we perform and the graduates we help through their funding is vital to reducing healthcare workforce shortages, closing the gap on pay disparity, and improving the economics of our under-served communities through nurturing upward mobility careers.

And we’re already getting results.


to date


Average hourly
pay rate


Above living wage
in California

Certification is no longer enough.

Today’s healthcare talent need more than their program certifications to succeed in today’s work environment. For many, the social, emotional, and professional soft skills that we take for granted are missing from their toolkits, becoming a bias that decreases opportunities, increases discouragement, widens disparity gaps, and undermines motivation for employment in an industry facing a crisis of veteran professionals retiring and an aging population.

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A coalition building better futures.

Through the collaboration and partnership of AlliedUP Co-op, the SEIU-UHW, and Futuro Health, allied health graduates like George are able to build new careers in healthcare and better futures for themselves and their families, proving the real-world impact of community investment, education, and fair wages our results have in the lives of our worker-members.

Day One job readiness.

We focus on each graduate’s unique location, work experience, employment status and preparedness, transferable skills, and other roadblocks to develop custom programs designed to evolve with each individuals’s needs. Understanding these unique challenges allows us to build the trust required to be guided to where we can assist the most, staying committed and consistent to give graduates a proven roadmap to quality employment with union-scale wages and benefits.

  • Post-program coaching for healthcare graduates
  • Hard and soft-skills mentoring
  • Resume building, applications, and AI-based mock interview tools
  • SEIU-UHW job code search assistance
  • Constructive career advice, job market insight, and readiness training

Our coaches.

We are a diverse team of sourcing and recruiting professionals with certified healthcare worker backgrounds, allied health students, bilingual speakers, and certified success coaches. Our coaches work alongside AlliedUP’s recruitment team to remove the lack of confidence and underqualification biases that graduates typically have, giving them a foothold into the healthcare field and on a proven path towards employment.

Our vow to graduates.

  • We’ll understand your challenges in seeking employment;
  • We’ll identify your unique roadblocks with the job application and interviewing process;
  • We’ll provide you with a proven roadmap towards employment;
  • We’ll help you navigate the complexities of evaluating your first offer as a healthcare worker.

Questions? Ask a real Coach, get real answers.