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Support funding from our core grantee’s has helped further AlliedUP’s goal in creating better futures for all, and we thank them for their trust in our mission.

The James Irvine Foundation is a private, independent foundation that provided $187.3 million in grants in 2022 to organizations in support of the singular goal enabling all low-income workers with the power to advance economically. Since founding in 1937, Irvine has made more than $2.4 billion in grants throughout the state of California.

The ECMC Foundation is a nationally-focused foundation working to improve higher education for career success among underserved populations through evidence-based innovation, envisioning a country where all learners have access to quality educational and career opportunities and the necessary supports to succeed through commitments to systemic change in the postsecondary ecosystem with long-term investments, research, and policy reforms.

The East Bay Community Foundation is one of the nation’s first community foundations now serving people across California’s Alameda and Contra Costa counties. They partner with donors, fund advisors, social movements, and the wider community to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity, and transform political, social, and economic outcomes for all East Bay residents.

REDF is a national organization and leader in the employment social enterprise field to expand job development programs for people striving to overcome serious employment barriers and invest in employment social enterprises that create jobs and reinvest their earnings in skill development, training, and services for their employees. To date REDF has provided capital, capacity, and community to over 200 enterprises across 33 states and DC generating over $1.3 billion in revenue reinvested in their employees, and employing over 84,000 people.

Ranging from transportation to healthcare to hospitality, the California Workforce Development Board’s High Road Training Partnership initiative champions partnerships aligned with its key policy goals of equity, sustainability, and job quality to advance a field of practice that simultaneously addresses urgent questions of income inequality, economic competitiveness, and climate change through regional skills strategies designed to support economically and environmentally resilient communities across the state. The industry-based, worker-focused training partnerships build skills for California’s “high road” employers — firms that compete based on quality of product and service achieved through innovation and investment in human capital, and can thus generate family-supporting jobs where workers have agency and voice.

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