Healthcare Provider Benefits

It’s about

It’s about the
human factor.

AlliedUP is utilizing research to develop human-based solutions that will improve quality of care and health outcomes at hospitals and health systems nationwide. Recent studies conducted on retention show that there are three organizational factors that affect workers’ job satisfaction:

1. Opportunity

For professional development and advancement;

2. Access to resources

Required for meeting professional and organization goals; and

3. Structure of power

Which includes access to information and support, guidance, and feedback from others.

It’s about
retaining talent.

AlliedUP delivers solutions for each of the three critical retention factors. We offer a support community and ecosystem of services including mentorship, education, financial stability and wealth building opportunities. Our workers get what they need to enhance stability and decrease turnover.

It’s about access to skilled

AlliedUP has unique access to a nationwide network of allied healthcare workers whose average experience spans six to ten years. We have partnered with educators across the nation to serve as the employer of choice for graduates, and are expanding our reputation as the go-to resource for healthcare facilities nationwide.

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