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4 Benefits of Career Coaching for New Healthcare Graduates

Are you a new healthcare graduate looking for the best way to navigate the job market?

One of the best resources to help you realize your short and long-term goals is a career coach who can offer personalized guidance, help you gain insight into your professional objectives, and provide various options for you to explore. Last but not least, your coach can instill the confidence you need to transition from being a student to becoming a professional practitioner in your chosen field.

Career coaching can help you:

Accelerate Your Career Development

    Your career coach can help you map out your professional plan and outline steps and timelines to achieve your specific goals. For instance, many nursing careers require further education and skills development. Your coach can keep you up to date on educational, clinical, and related developments and—equally important—continuously encourage you and facilitate your ongoing growth.

    Enhance Your Job Satisfaction

    It goes without saying that the right job – the one that aligns with your goals and also provides the right cultural fit – is key to finding fulfillment in your career. Burnout is rampant in the healthcare business, so avoiding it and maintaining ongoing work/life balance are also top priorities. Research has shown the positive effect of career coaching on job satisfaction levels.

    Improve Your Professional Skills

    As they help you transition from student to professional, your career coach will work with you to determine how to broaden your skillset beyond the basics, focusing on capabilities that pertain to your specialty or sub-specialty. For instance, they can advise on how to find mentors or get the maximum benefit from orientation and onboarding at a new job.

    Position Yourself for Long-Term Success

    From your initial foray into job searching, your career coach can help you objectively analyze opportunities before you make a decision about where to work. Remember, regardless of how long you stay in your first position, it will set the initial tone for whatever lies ahead. Coaches also know the ins and outs of social and professional networking – starting with their own personal and online connections. They can help you jump-start or expand your own network.

    AlliedUP Co-Operative’s career coaches assist allied healthcare graduates where they need it the most—in resume building, interviewing, and job applications—through ongoing development and long-term support.

    Our Accelerator Program places new grads at client facilities where they can benefit from mentorships, cutting-edge training, and myriad other career development benefits. Among our successful synergies is our ongoing work with organizations like Futuro Health, as we share their vision to improve the health of communities and make the best possible educational journeys a reality.

    Even if you’re already in the industry, turn to our recruiters as you continue to realize your vision. Check out our job board and let us help you find your perfect fit.