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How Contract Staffing Offers Less Risky Recruitment Solutions

Risk can rear its ugly head in any area of your business, including staffing and talent management. Mitigating that risk always has to be on your radar screen to protect your company’s short—and long-term integrity, stability, and success—and your reputation as an employer of choice.

Among the leading ways to reduce risk in recruitment is partnering with a firm with experience and expertise in contract staffing. With this partnership in place, you can rest assured that risk won’t cause you additional stress, and you can continue with your other responsibilities.

Don’t Risk It

With contract staffing, employers have a flexible workforce comprised of qualified professionals who can adjust to changing timetables, project scopes, and client demands. This not only offers a safety net for controlling outcomes but also eliminates any difficulties associated with having to reorganize or right-size staff.

  • You have the option to terminate contracts at the end of agreed-upon engagements. This mitigates any risk of permanently hiring the wrong person and subsequently enduring a lengthy, expensive termination process. On a positive note, temporary staffers enable you to “try before you buy.” You may elect to bring the best superstars on board full-time.
  • Your staffing firm can help ensure you maintain compliance with all applicable employment laws. This covers the full range of state, federal, Equal Opportunity, anti-discrimination and other critical guidelines and statutes. They can also work with you to follow regulations around pay transparency and keep you on track when it comes to background checks and salary history matters.

Success On All Levels

Avoid putting your business at safety, legal, financial or reputational risk as you reap these additional benefits of contract staffing:

  • Staff scalability: Contract staffing offers optimal flexibility in terms of team sizing in response to customer demands and requirements. It allows you to quickly assemble competent teams and then efficiently reduce your workforce as soon as the job is done.
  • Access to specialized skills: Contract staffing allows you to access a pool of specialized expertise that may not be available internally. Thus, while shortening project durations, you are also guaranteed higher-quality results.
  • Cost savings: By using contact staff, you avoid the long-term financial obligations that come with permanent hires, including salary, benefits, and training and onboarding. Add to this the myriad costs associated with sourcing and recruiting talent and payroll expenses. This significantly reduces overhead and allows resources to be more effectively allocated to core operations.
  • Enhanced originality: Contract labor enables you to hire people with a wider variety of skills and viewpoints. Your contractors can contribute new ideas, creativity, and innovative solutions to help meet diverse business needs.

Let’s Work Together!

Among the thousands of healthcare staffing firms out there, selecting one you can trust to meet your needs, including risk management, is critical. In California and nationwide, leading facilities, organizations and systems call on AlliedUP Co-Operative, Inc., to make that happen. Reach out to us today to learn more.