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The Flexibility Advantage: Why Contract Roles Could Be Right For You

What’s more important to your career than being able to work where you want to work and when you want to work while still learning and growing as a healthcare professional?

By opting for a contract staffing role, this is not just a dream or an aspiration; it’s a reality. Today’s job market remains largely candidate-driven, and contract positions in healthcare can often be tailor-fitted to your preferences and requirements.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits. By working in a contract role, you can:

Maintain Work/Life Balance

At the very least, the right work/life balance is important to your overall happiness and well-being. In worst cases, when this balance is lacking, you may suffer severe stress, anxiety, or burnout. By contrast, with contract work, you can build a work schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • When you start a contract assignment, scheduling and deadlines are all part of an agreement you make. This gives you much greater control over hours worked, as well as other terms, often including pay rate and benefits.

Build Your Professional Network

Contract healthcare jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door at new companies or facilities. In doing so, you’ll work with clinicians, administrators, and other professionals with whom you can build relationships that may lead to future opportunities. Often, the new colleagues you meet are more than happy to introduce you to their own networks. From there, you can continue to widen your net and grow your own list of connections.

Continuously Develop Your Skills

Keeping up with new techniques, skills, technologies, and policies can be daunting. A contract work schedule can not only give you the time you need to take courses or prepare for new certifications but can also open doors to new on-the-job learning opportunities. You can also become more experienced with a wider variety of patient populations.

  • Working as a healthcare contractor can help you keep your skills sharp if you’re trying to determine exactly what you want to do long-term. It’s like taking a break from the workforce, but not really, as you keep both your resume and your skillset up to date.

Try Before You Buy

Speaking of long-term plans, contract work is a great way to work in several different places and roles without making a permanent commitment. In fact, employers often hire contractors with the same goal in mind. Remember, you’re evaluating opportunities just as much as hiring managers are evaluating you. You get to test various company cultures until you find just the right fit. When you do have that “aha moment,” if your terrific performance speaks for itself, chances are there may be an option to transition from contacting to a direct hire.

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